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Clinical Skincare for Advanced Cellular Therapy

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This incredibly potent lifting serum utilizes Siberian Ginseng Extract, rich in complex saccharides, to promote instant firming & smoothing of fine lines & Alpha Lipoic Acid to provide powerful universal antioxidant protection while cell strengthening DMAE rapidly firms & tightens skin with. All these potent ingredients are driven deep into the dermal layer with Glycolic Acid as the vehicle to help key ingredients penetrate to their intended target. Alpha Hydroxy Acid gently exfoliates speeding up cellular turnover & sloughing off old tissue revealing smooth textured younger tissue as Tissue Respiratory Factors rich in beta-glucans, increase cell respiration to oxygenate the skin. Refreshing Subterranean Biostable Anti-Gravity Lifting Serum rejuvenates tissue via a powerfully stable form of Vitamin C giving skin an even, glowing tone.

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